JA Buyer Discount ProgramAlign your company with Jewelers of America by participating in Jewelers of America’s Buyer Discount Program and attract more business at JA New York trade shows from the industry’s most respected jewelry retailers. This opportunity is open to exhibitors at the JA New York trade shows for Summer, Fall and Winter; exhibitors do not need to be a member of Jewelers of America to participate.

Benefits of Jewelers of America’s Buyer Discount Program:
  • Attract quality buyers from the top retailers nationwide
  • Get enhanced visibility to your brand and increased traffic to your booth
  • Close more sales
  • Receive additional marketing outreach to potential buyers


The JA Buyer Discount Program will next be featured at the JA New York Special Delivery Show, October 25-27. To become a Participating Exhibitor, simply complete the online form below with the terms of your show discount:

About the JA buyer discount program
Jewelers of America’s Buyer Discount Program offers a minimal discount on sales made at JA New York trade shows to Retail Members of Jewelers of America (JA). Participating Exhibitors agree to offer Jewelers of America Retail Members discounts on finished jewelry, on loose diamonds, and/or the other services and tools. You choose the terms and have flexibility to set minimum purchases. 

Suggested discounts are 5% off finished jewelry and 3% off loose diamonds. Past discounts have ranged from 3-5% up to 7-10% depending on the vendor's promotion.

How to Participate
  1. Complete the online form(s) above with your company information and JA Buyer Discount offer.
  2. Your company will be added to the list of Participating Vendors, which will be promoted to JA Retail Members and trade show attendees in advance of and during the show. 
  3. JA Retail Members will present a personalized membership card to receive the discount on purchases made.

Enhanced Exposure at trade Shows
  • Participating Exhibitors will receive special signage to display in their Show Booths so JA Retail Members can find them.
  • JA Retail Members will also get a Buyer Discount Program show guide that highlights the location and discount offers to help them find Participating Exhibitors during the show.

Attract a Distinguished Group of Retail Buyers
JA Retail Members own and operate more than 3,200 companies – with more than 10,000 storefronts – and are considered the most professional jewelry retailers in the U.S. Each year, they sign an annual Code of Professional Practices, so you can be confident you are doing business with the finest retailers with the most trusted business practices.