Web Development PackagesYour business is multifaceted. Your online presence should be as well. With WR Cobb Online as your partner, Jewelers of America Members can easily compete with the big Internet retailers and increase sales.

Jewelers of America Members receive:
  • More than 57% off e-commerce program setup fees
  • 10% off SEO and Social Media bundles
  • Exclusive discounts on other web and mobile services
This exclusive partnership with the leader in jewelry industry technologies and marketing solutions can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Working with WR Cobb Online is easy; they handle all the details, freeing you up to focus on growing your business.

WR Cobb Online offers:
  • E-Commerce Platforms: Just upload your inventory, leverage theirs and control markups.
  • Diamond Inventory: Access more than 60,000 certified stones.
  • Design-You-Own Configurator: Combine WR Cobb’s vast diamond inventory with their state-of-the-art ring configurator platform, and your customers can create rings that are as unique as they are. See your diamond sales increase in the process.
  • Personalized Brand Galleries: Offer top jewelry brand names that customers recognize.
  • Mobile App: Tablet and smartphone compatible e-commerce solutions so you don’t lose purchases when customers browse your merchandise online.
  • Social Media & SEO: With the advent of Facebook, Twitter and blogging, it’s critical that your company is relevant in this new social space. WR Cobb Online’s social media package covers the content, so you can focus on connecting with your customers.

WR Cobb Online combines a 130+ year legacy of superior design and quality with state-of-the-art technology-based solutions. With the most innovative e-commerce, inventory and marketing solutions available to jewelers today, WR Cobb Online provides the ideal platforms to drive jewelers’ revenue goals. Since 2006, the company’s partnership with more than 3,000 jewelry stores nationwide has helped generate millions of unique visitors and millions in sales. Visit www.wrcobbonline.com to learn more.


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