Weather Insurance

Jewelers of America Members receive a 10% discount on weather and promotion insurance purchased through Weather Insurance Agency. Get creative with your jewelry marketing campaigns by offering weather-related sales promotions that drive customers to your store and away from competitors.

Weather Insurance Agency offers:

  • Weather insurance that enables jewelers to offer a sales promotion that provides a full refund to customers who make qualified purchases if a particular weather event occurs on a particular day.
  • Insurance for promotions based on non-weather circumstances. For example, a full refund if the local professional football team wins the championship.
  • Insurance is placed with an A-rated insurance carrier, assuring that if a promotion results in refunds to customers, the refund process will be prompt and efficient.
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As a leading provider of event, weather and promotional insurance, the Weather Insurance Agency team will customize a policy to fit your store’s needs. Some examples include:

  • Promote a full refund of jewelry purchases made from Black Friday through Christmas Eve if it snows on New Year’s Day. Drive sales to your store with weather insurance promotions on other national holidays.
  • Use weather or promotion insurance as the perfect way to entice jewelry customers during the slower times of the year.
  • Offer temperature related promotions, like qualified purchases are free if the temperature reaches X degrees.


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