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Finally, a solution that takes the guesswork out of your brand’s social media marketing. JA Members can now get great discounts on a social media marketing tool from Likeable Local designed just for jewelers! The Likeable Jewelers social media platform is an easy-to-use product that manages jewelers' social media presence on Facebook and Twitter resulting in better engagement and brand exposure.

Jewelers of America Members receive a 10% discount on Likeable Jewelers’ full-service social media management platform that includes:

  • Social Media Content Creation, Management, & Distribution for Facebook and Twitter. Engaging and educational content for each jeweler’s page will be written by Likeable Jewelers team, and pre-scheduled for your social networks.
  • Custom Facebook Applications and Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages. Use your Facebook page to drive traffic to your store with custom apps that generate appraisals, one-on-one appointments and more!
  • Automated Facebook Advertising for your store.
  • In-store Marketing Materials. Turn current customers into fans with Likeable Jewelers pre-designed marketing materials for your social networks.
  • Social Media Guidance for You & Your Staff. Improve your social media marketing savvy with Likeable Jewelers expert webinars, eBooks and one-on-one social media consultations.
  • Plus, 20% off the setup fee.

Learn how you can more "Likeable" today! Click to download Likeable Jewelers’ free eBook, Grow Your Business in the Digital Age.

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Likeable Jewelers, part of Likeable Local, offers scalable, integrated software solutions for small businesses to create, enhance, and manage their social media presence. Founded in 2012 by Dave Kerpen as a spin-off of Likeable Media, the highly successful social media marketing firm, Likeable Local has built an easy-to-use product that integrates with Facebook and Twitter. Visit to learn more.


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