Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the CASE Awards entry requirements and application, for the complete guidelines click here.

    • Jewelry to $2,000 retail value
    • Jewelry $2,001 to $5,000 retail value
    • Jewelry $5,001 to $10,000 retail value
    • Jewelry over $10,000 retail value

    A maximum of 15 entries will be accepted in each category.
    A category must have a minimum of three entries to be featured in the competition.
    Jewelers of America may withhold the judging of particular design categories, if the pieces submitted do not meet the high standards of criteria for the CASE Awards.

    These criteria are given equal weight, and winning pieces will successfully balance these four elements. All pieces will be evaluated on the basis of:

    1. Overall design
    2. Marketability
    3. Practicality/Wearability
    4. Quality of manufacture

    • Apply Online
    • Print the CASE Awards Entry Form
    • The Entry form must be received by Friday, December 19, 2014, to be considered. Entries are selected in the order they are received, until JA reaches a maximum of 15 pieces per award category.

    State and Regional Jewelry Association Winners’ Entry. Entry Fee: $50.00
    • Winners from state and regional jewelry associations will receive automatic entry into final judging of The CASE Awards. The individual entrant must meet all eligibility and procedural requirements outlined in this document.
    • Jewelers of America will accept one first place winner from each of the competition categories of eligible state or regional jewelry association competitions.

    “At-Large” Entry. Entry Fee: $75.00
    • Members of Jewelers of America who do not participate in state and regional jewelry association design competitions, may submit “at-large” entries.
    • There are a maximum of 15 entries total per category. At-large entries will be accepted in the order entry forms are received, after any eligible state and regional jewelry association competition winners, until the maximum of 15 entries is reached.

    Jewelers of America and competition judges reserve the right to disqualify any piece that does not meet the standards and criteria as described in the competition guidelines and on the official competition entry form.

      • Jewelers of America will award a maximum of 5 CASE Awards: First-Place CASE Awards in the four competition categories and a Buyers Choice Award.
      • Jewelers of America will name first-place CASE Award winners for each of the competition categories. A panel of experienced industry judges will determine winners.

      Winners Will Receive:
        • A customized CASE Awards trophy from Jewelers of America
        • $500 Cash Prize for First-Place CASE Award Winners
        • Professional, high-resolution images of the winning piece, for use in store marketing and promotion
        • Winners will be featured in major trade media via promotion by Jewelers of America, featuring photos and descriptions of winning pieces
        • Promotion at Jewelers of America’s website,
        • First-place winners will receive individual press releases for use with local media


        • Friday, December 19, 2014: Complete and return the official entry form to JA.
        • Monday, January 12 to Thursday, January 15, 2014: Jewelry must arrive at JA’s headquarters within these dates. No jewelry will be accepted before or after this time period.
        • The competition is held at the JA New York Winter Show, January 18-20, 2015.

        General Guidelines & ELIGIBILITY
        • View complete guidelines and entry requirements, download the CASE Award Guidelines.
        • Individuals submitting pieces must be employed in a JA Retail Member store prior to the final submission deadline.
        • Only one entry per category per designer is permitted.
        • Pieces must be original designs created and crafted by the person (or persons) whose name appears in the “Designer Name(s)” section of the entry form.
        • Pieces created by more than one designer are allowed, as long as all persons contributing to the creation of the piece are listed on the entry form.
        • All entries must be designed, produced and completed no more than 12 months prior to the final submission date of the national competition, or no more than 12 months prior to winning a state or regional jewelry association design competition.
        • Should a piece previously entered into any other design competition (excluding state or regional jewelry association competitions) be submitted for entry into The CASE Awards, full details of all previous competition participation must be disclosed in the appropriate section on the entry form.
        • Coordinating sets displaying a unified design theme (i.e. necklace and earrings, matching wedding bands) are allowed as long as all pieces were designed and created as a set.
        • Jewelers of America reserves the right to re-assign an entrant’s selected design category if another category is deemed more appropriate based on the characteristics of the piece submitted.

        Individual entrants are responsible for insuring all pieces that are shipped to Jewelers of America and verifying that pieces arrive prior to the competition deadline. Jewelers of America will return all pieces within 10 business days of the close of the JA New York Winter Show, and will ship all pieces fully insured for the stated “cost of goods” dollar amount on the official competition entry form. No pieces can be returned directly to any individual during the JA New York Winter Show.

        Jewelers of America assumes all responsibility for the safety and security of each entry once it is received at our headquarters. Jewelers of America’s total financial responsibility is limited to the stated “cost of goods” dollar amount on the official entry form. Pieces will be secured in a vault while in the office, displayed in a secure showcase on the show floor, stored overnight in a guarded vault at the show site when appropriate and fully insured during transport between the show site and the Jewelers of America’s office.

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