Workers' Compensation InsuranceJewelers of America members have access to the Meadowbrook Insurance Group workers’ compensation program. Meadowbrook offers a strong policy to effectively protect both the employer and their employees. With workers’ compensation insurance, you can run your business without worry, while building a secure foundation for the future.

Meadowbrook program participants receivE
  • Money back through dividends. The Meadowbrook Dividend Program allows participating JA members to receive money back on their insurance premium. While dividends are not guaranteed, this is a prime opportunity to potentially offset insurance costs.
  • Personalized claims management and loss control services. Knowledgeable, experienced Meadowbrook professionals provide prompt and stress-free insurance claims processing. Meadowbrook makes every effort to facilitate a quick turnaround in order to return employees to work as soon as possible.
  • Consultation and education on how to reduce insurance risks. Policy participants receive Meadowbrook's expert information and guides on the most common injuries associated with the jewelry industry.


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